ACCESS Support Unit

Essex County Council hosts the ACCESS Support Unit (ASU) which provides the day-to-day support for running the ACCESS Pool and has responsibility for programme management, governance, contract management, client relationships, administration and technical support services to the eleven administering authorities constituting the ACCESS LGPS Pool.


Kevin McDonald – Director

Kevin McDonald leads the ACCESS Support Unit. His role is to lead the ASU in supporting the Joint Committee, Officer Working Group and Section 151 Officers.


Mark Paget – Contracts Manager

As Contracts Manager, Mark Paget brings a wealth of experience in both public and private sectors and is responsible for the provision of commercial insight and direction in respect of procurement, contract management and supplier relationships to the ACCESS Pool. Mark has previously been an Administrator of a Pension Fund, Trustee and more, recently, was a member of the Essex Pensions Advisory Board.


Paul Tysoe – Client Manager

Paul Tysoe is a CIPFA finance professional bringing over 40 years public sector experience across a number of organisations, with his most recent position as investment manager for the Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire Local Government Pension Funds. Paul is well known in the ACCESS community being involved in the initiative since the inception of asset pooling. 


Dawn Butler – Support Officer

Dawn Butler provides the administration support to the ASU Programme Director, Contracts Manager, Client Manager and Technical Leads including the organisation and co-ordination of meetings, providing technical support and a wide range of administrative support. Dawn has previously worked in senior project management and governance roles in the private sector financial services arena.


Sallie Woodward – Support Officer 

Sallie Woodward joined the ASU from the healthcare sector and provides the administration support to the ASU Programme Director, Contracts Manager, Client Manager and Technical Leads. Her main role is to organise and co-ordinate meetings and, as well as providing technical and administrative support to stakeholders, she also contributes a layer of scrutiny to financial aspects of the Operator contract.


Technical Leads

The Technical leads are part time virtual roles from within the ACCESS Pension Funds which makes best use of Officers skills and expertise, to benefit the ACCESS Pool.