ACCESS Joint Committee

The ACCESS Joint Committee.

The Inter Authority Agreement  sets out the Terms of Reference (Schedule 2) and constitution (Schedule 3) of the ACCESS Joint Committee.

Each Administering Authority is represented by an elected councillor from its Pensions Committee.

Suffolk                   Cllr Andrew Reid  (Chairman)

East Sussex          Cllr Richard Stogdon (Vice Chairman)

Cambridgeshire     Cllr Terry Rogers

Essex                     Cllr Susan Barker

Hampshire             Cllr Mark Kemp-Gee

Hertfordshire          Cllr David Williams

Isle of Wight           Cllr Adrian Axford

Kent                        Cllr Charlie Simkins


Northamptonshire  Cllr Graham Lawman

West Sussex          Cllr Jeremy Hunt

Kent County Council provides secretariat support to the Joint Committee and publishes electronic copies of agenda and unrestricted public items on their website.