ACCESS Pool appoints Legal & General as Social & Affordable housing manager

The ACCESS Pool announces its commitment of £125m to Legal & General (L&G) to manage its affordable housing investment strategy.

13th January 2022

ACCESS LGPS Pool appoints MJ Hudson as implementation advisor for pooling of illiquid assets

The ACCESS Pool has this month appointed MJ Hudson, the specialist service provider to the asset management industry, as implementation advisor for the pooling of illiquid assets, including private equity, infrastructure, private debt and real estate.

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3rd March 2021

ACCESS LGPS Pool appoints Minerva as ESG adviser

Minerva Analytics will be helping ACCESS with a comprehensive review and revision of the pool’s responsible investment guidelines to ensure they capture the very latest thinking on Environmental Social and Governance (ESG), Stewardship and Climate Change issues.

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8th February 2021

ACCESS LGPS Investment Pool adds £5.5bn with the launch of seven new sub-funds

ACCESS LGPS Investment Pool adds £5.5bn with the launch of seven new sub-funds

The assets invested by the constituent schemes brings the total ACCESS Pool assets under management to £31bn1
Seven externally managed funds invest in a range of global equities and bonds

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16th August 2019

Appointment of Director for ACCESS Support Unit

ACCESS have announced Kevin McDonald as Interim Director for the ACCESS Support Unit. Please read the press release ACCESS Director.

As Interim Director, Kevin McDonald will lead the ACCESS Support Unit, managing the development and strategy of the ACCESS Pool.

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15th February 2019

The ACCESS LGPS Investment Pool transfers £7.4 billion into new sub-funds

Link Fund Solutions Ltd has recently launched a further tranche of Sub-Funds to bring the ACCESS ACS Pooled investments total to £8.6 billion, with additional pooling achieved by consolidating its index tracking investments now valued at £10.1 billion.

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10th December 2018

Press Release: Link Fund Solutions announces search for a Global Equity Manager for the LGPS ACCESS Pool

Link Fund Solutions have announced that they are working in partnership with Russell Investment Management to appoint a Global Equity Manager for the LGPS ACCESS Pool.

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24th August 2018

Press Release: Essex is announced as Host Authority and recruitment begins for a Programme Director

Essex County Council has been announced as the host authority for the ACCESS Support Unit (ASU). The ASU will be led by a Programme Director and will include a Contract Manager, technical leads and administration support.

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ACCESS announces FCA approved sub-fund

Link Fund Solutions Ltd, the ACCESS pool operator, has received approval from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) for a global equity sub-fund for the pool.

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12th March 2018

ACCESS appoints Operator

The ACCESS pool has appointed Link Fund Solutions Ltd as its pool operator.

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