Committee agrees
observer proposals

Each ACCESS Authority’s Local Pension Board will be invited to send observers, on a rotational basis, to Joint Committee meetings.

At its meeting on Monday 7 March 2022, the ACCESS Joint Committee (JC) agreed proposals enabling each ACCESS Authority’s Local Pension Board (LPB) to send two observers, on a rotational basis, to Joint Committee meetings. In practice, observers from three ACCESS Authority LPBs at a time will attend JC meetings in person, allowing each LPB to be represented at least once a year.

The observers can be drawn from scheme member representatives, employer representatives or independent LPB members. Whilst it will be for each LPB to agree the two observers, it is desirable that at least one of the observers from each LPB is a scheme member representative. This arrangement will be reviewed after its first full year.

Commenting, Cllr Kemp-Gee, Chairman of the ACCESS Joint Committee, said, “I warmly welcome the Joint Committee’s decision enabling observers from Local Pension Boards to observe our meetings, which will further enhance our Pool’s transparency”

Cllr Kemp-Gee, Chairman of the ACCESS Joint Committee

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About the ACCESS Pool

The ACCESS (A Collaboration of Central, Eastern and Southern Shires) is made of 11 LGPS Administering Authorities: Cambridgeshire County Council; East Sussex County Council; Essex County Council; Hampshire County Council; Hertfordshire County Council; Isle of Wight Council; Kent County Council; Norfolk County Council; West Northamptonshire Council; Suffolk County Council; and West Sussex County Council.

ACCESS Authorities are committed to working together and have each signed an Inter Authority Agreement, setting out how they will work together in response to the Governments pooling agenda across the LGPS, and to optimise benefits and efficiencies on behalf of their individual and collective stakeholders.

The ACCESS Joint Committee currently consists of 11 Councillors nominated by each of the ACCESS Authorities