• £25 bn

    Assets Pooled

  • £13 bn

    Active Investments

  • £12 bn

    Passive Investments

Welcome to the ACCESS Pool

The ACCESS Pool is a collaborative partnership between 11 Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) – Cambridgeshire CC, East Sussex CC, Essex CC, Hampshire CC, Hertfordshire CC, Isle of Wight Council, Kent CC, Norfolk CC, Northamptonshire CC, Suffolk CC and West Sussex CC.

The ACCESS Administering Authorities are committed to working together to optimise benefits and efficiencies on behalf of their individual and collective stakeholders, operating within a clear set of objectives and principles that drives the decision-making process.

The appointment of recognised service providers has enabled ACCESS to immediately benefit from ready-made structures and established know-how. Ongoing engagement, robust contract management and supplier relationship have nurtured a partnership that provides the basis for a tailored delivery model and the retention of best in class investment managers.