Welcome to the ACCESS Pool

We are a collaboration of 11 like-minded Local Government Pension Scheme Authorities, investing the pensions of over one million members, delivering strong investment performance, achieving greater cost efficiency and benefiting from the best of local authority procurement.

Using our pooled resources, we bring cost savings and strong investment performance to the Local Authorities and their scheme members, making efficient use of public money. We do this through a strong governance framework, an efficient operating model and by bringing the best of local authority procurement to select the best value suppliers for the pool’s structure. We nurture participation and our governance model respects the individual sovereignty of individual authorities.

We are fully focused on our responsibilities to the scheme members and local communities. We’re proud of our considered, evidence-based approach to finding the most effective and efficient ways to deliver value for money for all our stakeholders.


£56billion       3,400      1.1million     300,000

 Total Assets                    Employers                  Members                    Pensioners

(figures as at 31 March 2021)


Our participating Pension Funds