The ACCESS Pool is a partnership between Cambridgeshire CC, East Sussex CC, Essex CC, Hampshire CC, Hertfordshire CC, Isle of Wight Council, Kent CC, Norfolk CC, West Northamptonshire Council, Suffolk CC and West Sussex CC.


Pooled Assets







(Figures as at 31 March 2023)

The ACCESS Support Unit (ASU) provides the day-to-day support for running the ACCESS Pool, and Waystone Group provides operator services.

Felixstowe, Suffolk

The Operator – Waystone

The appointment of the Operator to establish and maintain an authorised contractual scheme (ACS) followed a thorough public procurement process.

Waystone Group (formally Link Group) are responsible for the overall management of the ACS, which includes the creation of investment sub-funds and the appointment of Investment Managers. A thorough due diligence process is undertaken before the Investment Managers are appointed and robust monitoring is applied to the investments, incorporating the risk and governance of the Investment Managers.

Northern Trust have been appointed by the Operator as the depositary to the ACS.