ACCESS governance arrangements

Collaboration is the fundamental working principle of ACCESS, enabling it to meet the needs of the constituent local Authorities. We have a culture of regular dialogue and engagement across the pool, which has a track record of building consensus between the Authorities.

Each Authority retains autonomy to make decisions around strategic asset allocations, as well as having a voice in the overall direction of ACCESS.

Fritham, Hampshire

An Inter-Authority Agreement has been updated through a comprehensive reviewing process to produce an agreed way of working and empower authorities’ finance officers. This also confirms the ACCESS governing principles.

Administering Authority Section 101 Committees (‘Pensions Committees’) are represented at the Joint Committee.

The Joint Committee is the formal decision-making body within the ACCESS pool.

The Officer Working Group (OWG) supports the functions of the Joint Committee.

The ACCESS Support Unit (ASU) provides the day-to-day support for running the ACCESS Pool.

Felixstowe, Suffolk
ACCESS Conflicts Of Interest Policy